Insecticide spray
Insecticide spray



Insecticide spray

Razi insecticide spray is marketed with Kish-o-Maat brand name.

The fast,effective,sustainable performance of Razi insecticide spray ,and its power in cleaning any kinds of insect at your desired location,is one the unique features of this product. Its advanced formula and its long term effects also prevent the reproduction of the insects.


 Shake the spray cans, before use. Spray the can with 30 cm distance from the insect until the intended place moistens,then leave the room for 10 minutes

Insecticide spray

Health and Safety tips

     • Avoid putting the spray can in vicinity of fire and do not pierce it.
     • Avoid spraying the insecticide on the pets,plants,foods,and do not keep it in their vicinity.
     • Keep away the
Kish-o-Maat spray from the reach of children.
     • The best temperature for keeping the
spray is lower than 50oC.

     • In case of contamination of hands and eyes,wash thoroughly with water and see a doctor if necessary.



quantity in Cartons


12pcs in each carton


Technical specifications

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