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Razi chemical Co.




Razi chemical company started  its activities since 1359 with the motto of “Everybody is satisfied   with Razi Glue” . Located in a 100 thousand square meter land and a   manufacturing infrastructure of about 20 thousands square meters inoutskirts of Hashtgerd city located in Albourz province. Providingproducts with high quality,satisfying customers and responding to the   needs at the earliest possible time have always been the first priority  of the Razi Chemical Group .

  This company is the largest manufacturer of industrial and household adhesives,industrial resins and also Poly vinyl acetate in Iran and the Middle East,and has succeeded in obtaining the  standard of Iran and international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 from QS Swiss company for its products.  

Diversity,span and the bulk of products,has set apart this company from similar competitors. The name of  Razi Chemical Co  has been obtained from the name of Iranian scientist and alcohol discoverer (Mohammad Zakaria Razi). 





Quality ,Diversity and production volume ,has set  this company apart from similar companies and Competitors .

Our  R&D  unit capabilities by cooperation of Lab. Experts Under supervision of QC Division  have granted such a flexibility to the production units ,that we can claim of having ability of producing a completely customized products Appropriate for quality ,needs ,limits and even the price  desired by our costomers  .


In other words ; let us know your  desired quality and characteristics ,then we will offer you products with  Specific formula .

The Variety of our Products has  set us more than a simple and single adhesive producer . Razi chemical company apart of being an adhesive producer ,runs the production lines of  aluminum and plastic tubes . and has managed to build a single-layer plastic tubes which are of several uses in the cosmetics ,and hygienic industry 



Razi chemical company’s side products are as follow:


Aluminum and plastic tubes (in different sizes and types)

           Spray paint (in various colors)

          Insecticide sprays

          Anti-freeze,anti-boil and anti-Exhaustion liquid

          Brake and clutch fluid

           industrial resins

          Metal Polish

          anti-adhesive (Debonder)



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Iso 9001:2008  - QS Swiss
Iso 10668:2010 Brand Valuation ICS Group Certification Inc. - Canada

Premium quality Award -  ICS Group Certification Inc. - Canada