Evotit (1,2,3)

Evotit adhesive consists of an activator and high concentration of cianoacrylat. This adhesive is suitable for binding,repairing and fixing wooden components such as MDF,neo-pan,leather,plastics,and ceramics and….  The activator spray works as a connection time catalyst.


How to use

In order to make best use of this adhesive,
1- keep the surface of connection,clean,free of dust,rust and grease,
2 - Spray the Evotit activator on one of the surfaces and allow it to evaporate,
3 – Smear a few drops of glue on the surface,
4 – Put the surfaces in their intended place and press them together for a few seconds (15 minutes).

Safety and health tips
   • Avoid inhalation of the spray.
   • Use in a well ventilated place.
   • Avoid smoking while working with this material.
   • Avoid contact with skin and eyes and at the event of contacting with eyes,rinse with plenty of water and see a                doctor.
   • Avoid contact with direct sunlight and avoid heat above 50 degrees.
   • Refrain throwing the case in fire or puncturing it after use.
   • In case of fire use foam - Co2 Gas - for fire fighting.

This product can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30
oC in cool and dry place.



Quantity in Cartons

400 ml

25pcs in carton

200 ml

50pcs in carton/

25pcs in carton