All purpose Adhesive
All purpose

All-purpose Razi adhesive

All-purpose Razi adhesive is a transparent,immediate,powerful and   excellent adhesive with worldwide use and is useful for work,home,school crafts,modeling and so on. This product bonds many different   objects together and is considered very fast and durable.

A uniquefeature of this product is its ability to be quickly and easily applied  to most materials including paper,glass,porcelain,plastic,felt,ceramics,rubber,cork,fabric,leather,cardboard and etc.

All purpose Adhesive

How to use

In order  to make best use of this product make sure that surfaces are clean and  dry,then glue them together in a uniform and quick fashion.



This All-purpose Razi adhesive can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Safety and health tips

     • This All-purpose Razi adhesive should be kept away from flames and sparks. The workplace must  be      provided with proper ventilation and fans. Gloves and masks are   necessary in workplace. In the case of eyes      contact,use water to rinseit off.

     • In case of fire use foam - Co2 Gas - for fire fighting.




quantity in Cartons

8 grams/tubes

10pcs in carton/

48 cards in carton

20 grams/tubes

144tubes  in carton

30 grams/tubes

84tubes in carton

50 grams/tubes

72tubes in carton

100 grams/tubes

36tubes in carton

275 grams/tubes

24tubes in carton