Razi anti-adhesive
Razi anti-adhesive

Razi debonder

Razi debonder neutralizes super glue and1-2-3adhesive and various other adhesives from surfaces,fabric,components,or fingers that have accidently bonded together.

Razi anti-adhesive

How to use
Smear a small amount of  debonder on stained surfaces and locations or improperly connected components. Place a folded towel over the place (in case of cloths,put the folded towel on two sides). After a few hours cleans the desired location and finally rinse it off with water. In case of clothes several washing,may be needed to remove the stain completely.

How to use the debonder when your fingers are stuck together:Place a small amount of the anti-adhesive on the desired location. Wait for a few minutes until the debonder penetrates the glue and break its bonds. Afterwards gently increase the distance between the fingers and wash it with water and soup to avoid prolonged contact with skin.


Razi debonder should be maintained in a closed off container for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

:Health and safety tips

 Razi debonder should be kept away from flames and sparks. use proper ventilation system and gloves nad mask while applying this product. In case of contact with eyes and skin,immediately rinse with water.
In case of fire use foam -Co2 Gas- for firefighting



Technical specifications





Alcohol- ether-water