Kian Anti-freeze,anti-boil
Kian Anti-freeze,anti-boil

Kian Anti-freeze,anti-boil and anti-Exhaustion liquid

Kian Anti-freeze liquid is:

Is capable of lowering the freezing point of water up to -40oC ,with mixing percentage of 50% in winter

Has a high boiling point and at high temperature doesn't leave any residue,therefore is a suitable option

Is a good heat transferor does not leave any unfavorable effect on heat transfer of the cooling system

Provides maximum protection from corrosion of metals used in cooling system and has no adverse effect on the car's body color


How to use

• before changing and using the new anti-freeze solution,the ducts of the cooling system
should be inspected and serviced if necessary.

• Before use,the pure anti-freeze solution should be mixes with de-ionized water (water with low hardness) in an equal manner and then should bead to the mix.

• The best mixing ratio ironstone.

• Check the coolant fluid's level.

• The pressure test is done to detect leaks (This test is done when,the engine is cold)



Store Kian Anti-freeze liquid  in cool and dry place. Keep it away from moisture and direct light. Store in suitable condition and 30-50oC


Safety and health tips

• this product is not inflammable,in case of contact with skin and eyes it should be washed with water. When working this product it is advised to wear gloves and in case of fire use water or CO2 gas to fight it.

• Kian Anti-freeze liquid is not drinkable and is toxic. One of the symptoms of drinking this
product is the vomiting,in which case you should go to doctor immediately.

• Strictly keep out of the reach of children.



quantity in Cartons

1 liter


2.2 liter

4 liter



Technical specifications


Minimum of 162oC

 Net boiling point

Minimum of 108oC

    Boiling point when mixed with of 50% distilled water

 Minimum of -36.4oC

   Freezing  point when mixed with of 50% distilled water