Bookbinding adhesive
Bookbinding adhesive

Bookbinding adhesive

Bookbinding adhesive with Vinol3000 trade mark has widespread use in workshops for binding books,paper,packaging (carton,box of matches,a box of paper,envelopes). These bookbinding adhesive can be used manually or with a brush. Excellent adhesion,transparency and flexibility in use are among unique features of this product.

Bookbinding adhesive


Bookbinding adhesive should be maintained in a closed off container for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Health and Safety tips:



-         Bookbinding adhesive should be kept away from flames and sparks. Use proper ventilation system and gloves and mask while applying this product. In case of contact with eyes and skin,immediately rinse with water.


-        In case of fire use foam - Co2 Gas - for fire fighting.

Technical specifications

200 - 300CPS

Viscosity at 23oC


Resistant to cold conditions

0.01 ± 1.18 grams/cm3

Special weight