Brake and clutch fluid
Brake and clutch fluid

Brake and clutch fluid

Brake and clutch fluid with Bristol trade mark is suitable for cars,buses,minibuses,trucks and is supplied to market in two DOT3 and DOT4 models.

Brake and clutch fluid

The types of utilized brake fluid are written on the container body.
Brake and clutch fluid is resistant to absorbance and formation of air bubbles. It doesn’t leave any restudies while in contact with other components of your braking system.


Brake and clutch fluid should be kept away from light,dust and moisture. This fluid is highly absorbent and by             absorbing moisture will lower the boiling temperature.

     • The product should be maintained at 5-30oC.

     • Strictly avoid contamination of the brake fluid with dust,water and oil products.

 Safety and health tips

Due to the highly corrosive feature of this product avoid direct contact with the colored surfaces.

Do not purchase a brake fluid which has no protective seal or damaged seal 
Avoid mixing different brake fluids.

In case of contact with skin and eyes,it should be washed away with water.

Use gloves while applying

In case of fire use COgas or water to fight it off.




quantity in Cartons



Technical specifications

Minimum of 2.4

Viscosity at 50oC

Minimun of 230oC

Equilibrium melting point