High temperature silicone adhesive
High temperature silicone adhesive

Razi hightemp silicone adhesive

Razi hightemp silicone adhesive with Razifix trademark is useful for sealing valve cover ,water pump thermostat,differential,and transmissions and more ...   Heat resistant up to 300 degrees Celsius.
Oil,gasoline and antifreeze resistance.
Sealing strength and excellent sealing are among unique features of this product.

High temperature silicone adhesive




How to use

To obtain the best results,the surface must be completely dry and clean.

2. Make a consistent film of the adhesive on one of the surfaces and around the screws,afterwards cleans the additional remains of the adhesive with a suitable instrument and put the surfaces together immediately and take care that,the surfaces of the screws remain free of the adhesive. 

3. Close the lid after use and cleans the tools with a piece of clean cloth and appropriate solvent.

Safety and health tips

     • Keep away from flames and heat sources. 

     • Wear gloves while applying. 

     • In case of contacting with eyes and skin,rinse with plenty of water.

     • In case of fire use Co2 Gas or water for fire fighting.

     • Keep away from children’s reach





quantity in Cartons




 48 tubes in carton


 24 cans in carton



This product can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place


Technical specifications



    20-40 minutes

Primary skin

280 ± 20 oC 

Resistant to adhesive film heat