contact adhesive based on rubber
contact adhesive based on rubber


contact adhesive

This contact adhesive with Krafft trademark is very strong,fast,secure and stable,and suitable for bonding various solid ,non-porous and porous like pieces of wood ,laminated wood ,plywood boards,cloth,plates and sheets of plastic ,rubber ,leather,felt ,cork,soft foam,hard PVC,metal and rock ,etc. this product is used in leather ,shoes,cars,crafts and artificial flower industry

contact adhesive based on rubber 

How to use
First ensure that the surfaces are completely dry,clean and free of grease and dust,
 smear both of them with Krafft in a uniform fashion and wait for 10 to 15minutes until the layer of glue dries,after that put the two pieces together and press them firmly.

The main factor in the adhesive strength and intensity is the pressure on the two surfaces. Duration of pressure put on the two surfaces has no role in this case .


Krafft can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in a cool and dry place.

Safety and health tips

Krafft should be kept away from fire and sparks. Use suitable ventilation and respiration facilities at workplace. Use gloves while applying the adhesive and in case of contact with skin and eyes should be washed immediately with water



quantity in Cartons

30 grams/tubes

84 cards in carton

50 grams/tubes

72 tubes  in carton

100 grams/tubes

36  tubes in carton

275 grams/cans

24  cans in carton

4 liter/cans

6   cans in carton

17 liter/cans



Technical specifications


up to 80oC

Adhesive film resistance to heat

from 15 to 20N/cm

Adhesion strength (leather to leather )