metal polish
Metal Polish

Metal Polish

Razi metal polish with KianBright trademark is a powerful product for removing the rust,and oxidation of metals,Plexiglas,glass,and etc. This product by wearing the surface layer makes them shiny,so a new and clean surface appears.
KianBright metal polish is not only suitable for polishing and varnishing all kinds of metals,but also is very useful for polishing CDs and cleaning dirt and paint from colored and household plastic surfaces such as computer monitors body

How to use

Place the desired amount of KianBright on a cloth and quickly rub it on the intended surface,until a clean surface appears. After that clean and polish the desired surface with another cloth.


Razi metal polish can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Health and Safety tips

Razi metal polish is non-toxic and is not flammable. In case of contact with skin and eyes wash away with water. Use gloves while applying this product.

Technical specifications



Pasty mode


0.2 ± 1.5% gram/cm3

Special weight