moquette adhesive
moquette adhesive

 Razi Moquette adhesive,is a generic connector,best fitted for carpet and flooring applications,foam,sponge and other joints where,there is no tensile and heat coefficient.


moquette adhesive

How to use

         In order to get the best result,first cleans and dry the surfaces completely.

         Smear the adhesive on the surfaces using a wedge.

         Leave the adhesive untouched for 10-30 minutes,until the solvent dries completely.

         Put the surfaces together and bind them to each other.

        After binding the surfaces together,use an elastic hammer on them. 


 Razi Moquette adhesive should be maintained in a closed off container for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.


:Health and safety tips

 Razi Moquette adhesive should be kept away from flames and sparks. use proper ventilation system and gloves nad mask while applying this product. In case of contact with eyes and skin,immediately rinse with water.
In case of fire use foam -Co2 Gas- for firefighting

Technical specifications

25 ± 5CPS

Viscosity at 23oC

4-5 N/cm2

Binding strength

Higher than  0oC

Flash point

25 ± 2%