Paint Spray
Paint Spray

Paint Spray

Razi spray paint named Razilux is produced from the best materials and innovative formulas.
Fast and easy use and good coverage power are properties of Razi spray paint.
  In addition,
Razi spray paint dries quickly and by making a smooth and flat provides a suitable ultimate coverage.

Paint Spray

How to use:

Clean the surface of any contaminants,such as dust,grease,old paint and debris,remains of former paint  and any other substance that can reduce the adhesion to the surface.
      For uniform dye concentration inside the cans,shake it up for a minute so,the color becomes uniform.
      Spray from 25cm distance.
  If you create multiple layers of thin paint the result would better than ,when a thick layer is created.
Primary skin dries after 25 minutes.
In order to avoid clogging the outlet ducts,keep the spray paint cans upside down and spray until the spray is cut off.

     • This product can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.
     •  Keep away from children’s reach.

Safety and health tips
     • Keep away from flames and heat sources.
     • Wear gloves while applying.
     • In case of contacting with eyes and skin,rinse with plenty of water.
     • In case of fire use Co2 Gas or water for fire fighting.



quantity in Cartons


24 cans in a carton


Technical specifications

Black- White- red and other colors according customer order


from 12 to 10(colors gold,silver,copper and transparent)
16-14 (other colors)

Viscosity (s) with the cap

5-15 minutes

Drying time

Maximum of 24 hours

Ultimate drying time