PU Adhesive
PU Adhesive

  PU Adhesive (PU)

  Razi PU adhesive has an excellent ability to bind leather,polyurethane sole,PVC,synthetic fibers and different kinds of plastics. Durability,flexibility and fast performance are among other unique features of this product. Since among various materials that make up a shoe,glue has an important role in beauty,quality and durability of the shoes ,the Razi PU adhesive has a lot of applications in footwear industry

How to use
the surface must be completely dry,clean and free of grease and dust. Apply enough glue on the intended surfaces by palette knife and keep them in an environment with moderate temperature


Safety and health tips

     • Keep away from flames and heat sources.

     • Wear gloves while applying.

     • In case of contacting with eyes and skin,rinse with plenty of water.

     • In case of fire use Co2 Gas or water for fire fighting.

     • Keep away from children’s reach



quantity in Cartons

1 liter

12 cans

4 liter

6 gallon



Razi PU adhesive can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Technical specifications


Yellowish transparent


30 ± 5CPS

Viscosity at 23oC

16 ± 2%