Razi PVC adhesive
PVC adhesive

PVC adhesive

Razi PVC adhesive is useful for binding PVC profiles and water and sewage pipes.
A unique feature of this product is high heat resistance,strong adhesion and moisture resistance.

PVC adhesive 

 How to use
First of all clean the connector surfaces clean and spread a thin layer of the adhesive on the intended surface in a way that the ends of the pipe get a thicker layer. Put the pipe and connectors together without any turning and then keep them like that for a few seconds,so the beginning of the connection is made. The bound tightens after 5 minutes.

 Health and Safety tips:

 Razi PVC adhesive is highly flammable,so refrain from smoking or making fire in its vicinity. In order to protect your respiratory system the place should be armed with proper ventilation system. In case of contact with eyes,immediately rinse your eyes with plenty of water and see a doctor.


Razi PVC adhesive can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oCin cool and dry place.



quantity in Cartons


72 tubes in carton


36 tubes in carton


Technical specifications

Scent of essence

Technical specifications

23 ± 5CPS

Viscosity at 23oC

18 ± 2%