Razi Silicone seal
Razisil Silicone

Razisil Silicone

This Razisil Silicone sealant is quality, single component sealant,for different purposes. This product can keep its adhesion power in moist environment and provides a hard durable binding. Razisil silicone sealant is,mold and mildew resistant and is recommended for use in kitchens,bathrooms and moist areas. Razisil silicone sealant is not suitable for use in aquarium.

Razisil silicone sealant has excellent adhesion to most building materials such as glass,double glazed glass,ceramics,coated surfaces,wood and many plastics.

Razisil silicone sealant is very affective for binding kitchen,bathroom (shower,sealing joints around the bathtoilet, and shower) tiles as well as fitting in containers and fridges. This product is particularly suitable for moist areas and has domestic and commercial applications.

Resistance to chemicals,detergents,cleaning materials is one of the unique features of this product.

Razisil Silicone

How to use:

In order to make the best use of this product,make sure the surfaces are clean and dry. Cut off the head of the cartridge and put it in the discharge gun. You can easily pour the silicon on the intended surface. The excessive remains of the silicone can easily be washed away with water and soup.


Razisil silicone sealant can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Safety tips

In case of contact with skin and eyes should be washed away immediately. Use gloves,glasses and mask and proper ventilation in workplace. Keep away from flames and sparks.




quantity in Cartons


Black- White- Transparent



Black- White- Transparent



Black- White- Transparent



Black- White- Transparent



Technical specifications

Black/White/Transparent and other colors according customer order


15 to 50minutes

Primary shell (temperature
20oC  degrees)

2 mm

Drying rate at 24hours

150% - 300%

Stretch to the point of rupture after 2 weeks