Stones adhesive
Stones adhesive

Stone adhesive

Razi stone adhesive is a two component adhesive based on polyester resin.
Razi stone adhesive is useful for binding stone parts in industries,homes,building,Frontage making,filling out holes in cut stones and pores in building structures and also,damp places such as bathrooms.

One of its unique features is the ability of turning and sander dinning. Before application,consumers can mix their stone adhesive with color so they can get an adhesive with their desired color.

Stones adhesive

How to use:
Clean the surface of all kind of contaminants,such as dust,grease,old paint and debris,remains of former paint  and any other substance that can reduce the adhesion to the surface.

Razi stone adhesive along with its second component (hardener) is supplied in a separate tube. For any desired amount of the adhesive,1% of hardening component should be mixed with it,so the process of hardening begins.


        This product can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

        Keep away from children’s reach.

Safety and health tips
     • Keep away from flames and heat sources.

     • Wear gloves while applying.

     • In case of contacting with eyes and skin,rinse with plenty of water.

     • In case of fire use Co2 Gas or water for fire fighting.




quantity in Cartons


500 grams

1 kilograms



Technical specifications

White- Cream


4-6 minutes

Primary jell

300-400 CPS

Viscosity at 23oC