Two Component adhesive
Epoxy adhesive - color

Epoxy adhesive (colored) - 5 minutes

Epoxy adhesive has high potential for binding metallic surfaces,glass,ceramic,wood,marble,glass fiber reinforced plastic,hard PVC,rubber,container and etc .Its unique features can be mentioned as below:

• High adhesion strength

•High thermal tolerance
• Fast drying (fast drying time of 5 minutes and has enough power for 20 minutes at a time)
• Resistant to water and solvents and thinners,acids and alkali
• Easy to use

Twin adhesive - color

 How to use

First clean the surface from any dust and grease. Mix equal amounts of the contents of tube A and B. The mixture turns into a jell over a period of 2-3 minutes; the gel solidifies in room temperature after 5minutes

Safety and health tips

In case of contact with skin and eyes ,washed them immediately with water . keep away from flames and sparks. Use glasses and mask while using the adhesive and provide the workplace with adequate ventilation.



quantity in Cartons

2x8gram,transparent/ aluminum tubes

24pcs in carton/

10boxes in carton

2x8gram,colored/ aluminum tubes

24pcs in carton/

10boxes in carton



This Epoxy adhesive can be maintained for 12 months in 5-30oC in cool and dry place.

Technical specifications


Polymer base

Colored (Black- Gray)


3 minutes

Primary jell time

5 minute

Solidifying time