Razi Chemical Company, a well-known name in the field of producing various types of industrial, household, and packaging adhesives. This company, which took shape through private sector activities in the year 1359, initiated its operations on a land area of 100,000 square meters in Alborz Province. The result of the activities carried out in this complex over four decades of company operation is the presentation of products with the highest quality to realize the slogan “Everyone satisfied with Razi adhesive.”

This complex, by utilizing domestic knowledge and experience, as well as the technology of reputable foreign companies, has made it possible to produce products capable of competing with top global brands. The diverse range of products produced by this company has covered the needs of extensive market segments.

Now, considering the unparalleled trust, loyalty, and extraordinary reception of Iranian and international consumers towards Razi products, the company feels a significantly heavier responsibility. This has led the service-oriented complex to take more serious steps and demonstrate greater dedication in meeting consumer needs, becoming one of the most prominent industries in terms of quality and production volume in the Middle East.

Prominent features of the Razi Chemical Company’s factory include its spacious production halls, allowing the production of various types of adhesives in separate sections. This, coupled with the use of advanced and up-to-date machinery, has resulted in increased production volume and improved product quality.

The equipped laboratory of Razi Chemical Company is one of the distinctive features of this brand from its competitors, which has led the company to have the capability to produce specialized products for every type of industry and be responsive to the needs of various industrial and manufacturing companies. All these factors, with the assistance of a capable human workforce, have made Razi Chemical Company one of the largest producers in the adhesive industry.

The main factors for the success of Razi Chemical Company include:

  1. Research and Development
  2. Strong communication with customers
  3. Innovation and creativity
  4. Availability of products

Certifications and commendations of Razi Chemical Company:

  • International Quality Standards ISO 2008, 9001 from QS Switzerland